RC3 is a multimedia and marketing company. The services provided range from graphic design to social media management. All custom and artistic strategies. Our branding work provides a fighting chance to small businesses, startups and not for profits against the large ones out there. When we decided to put our talents together, it was a no brainer.

Entrepreneurs often take the easiest route when it comes to image. Not just the visual image but the overall image of their companies. Then they are discouraged by prices of these services. We know what you’re going through. In result, we have learned how to become advocates for our clients. By providing them with not only the service but the knowledge of what are necessities for their success. We chose branding to be the basis of everything we do. Never change a logo design without thinking about how it affects the target audience. Never tweet about your competitor unless you’re ready for the professional consequence.

Our view is to help businesses think before they make their next chess move. Our job is to think about all the logistics so that you can concentrate on your actual business. There is no sense in being a toy store that focuses more on finding the right shade of red for your logo meanwhile missing the new line-up of toys for this year. Our goals have driven us to do incredible work for a lot of influential and successful ventures. We look forward to helping you next.


We’re a company filled with many talents.

Print (cards, posters, artwork)   
Web/Digital Art Photography/Videography             
Marketing Management          
Internet/Social Media Marketing