Selena Bio

Selena Edwards FullThinking outside the box is her specialty. In her diverse background in communications, creative writing and public administration, Selena has a peek into the private and public sectors. By using strategies that work for one and relating it to the other, she’s capable of making custom plans for their clients.

“Practicality I think is the most important part of business.”

In 2009, she began a journey of event planning for local bar & restaurant establishments near her alma mater. Her success was based on being able to understand what the people wanted. Of course there were a few mistakes here and there, but she learned and earned them all. As years went on, Selena had become a committee member for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life events in Morris County, NJ. Worked with a Newark based graphic design haus. All while owning her first business, Alpak Station, publishing two teen fiction novels, and freelancing in social media marketing with a side of public relations. Ambitious is what the A stands for in Selena A. Edwards. Working hard is the only way she knows how to live and helping others is always her passion.

“The work I am able to do through RC3 is fulfilling in the sense that I get to use my experiences in business, PR, writing and marketing while helping others help themselves.”

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