Website is Completed!


We felt like this day would never come, but it has. The RC3 Design LLC website is finally up, along with our most recent work. This project took what felt like forever to finish. We wondered if it was ever going to get done, but it is DONE! The site was designed about two years ago, which was the easy part.

Our goal was to design a company website that was simple, clean, and easy to navigate. Although still a little flashy. The ability to accomplish this was made so through the help of a Wordpress plugin called “Easy Media Gallery”. And like the name it was easy, super simple and straight forward to use.

Onto the rough patch… development. As most developers know, it takes time. Yes clients, developing a coded site takes time and its not something that happens over night. Not only was the development a lengthy process but because the site was OUR website and not a CLIENT’S website it was always pushed to the back burner. Time management for this project, like all internal projects, became sort of a game of chess. For example, while waiting for a client’s response or approval or signature on an agreement; we squeezed in the time needed to dedicate to RC3.We are very thankful for those clients because without them we would not have the diverse portfolio that we can currently display. We hope that they keep on trusting in us to provide them with their graphic design and marketing needs.

Here’s to RC3 giving the underdog a chance!


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